To craft a cigar is to embark on a journey. A journey of sacrifice. Of failure. And ultimately – of triumph. With over sixty years in the industry, we’ve undergone countless journeys and picked up many great memories along the way. But that’s only half of the story. 

The other half comes from you. Your moments with our cigars that we never see because they happen with your friends on the golf course or during late-night talks on the patio. We want to fuse these stories by telling our half and encouraging you to share yours. In doing so, we hope to build a complete memoir of the moments and memories touched by Macanudo.

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The Collection

Explore some of our favorite stories in crafting cigars, and add to the legend by sharing your side of the story.

An Expression of Elegance

Explore the rich backstory of Macanudo Emissary España.

The Cigar That Started It All

Discover the backstory of one of the most beloved cigars in the world: Café.

Macanudo's Origins

Learn how the story of Macanudo came to be.

A Golden Harvest

Explore how we took an exceptional leaf and used it to set the gold standard.

An Uncanny Union

Learn how we combined two time-intensive crafts for an indulgent result.

Tobacco Transcendence

A tobacco touched by mother nature itself. Get the full story on vintage tobacco.

Enveloped by Excellence

Learn how we used classic aging to craft a contemporary cigar.