Who We Are

Macanudo is synonymous with quality and expertise in the premium cigar industry. For the social, the solo or even the unexpected moments, there’s a Macanudo cigar perfect for the occasion.

Iconic Is An Undersell

Macanudo began with the passion to craft unrivaled premium cigars. For much of our history, Macanudo Café was a must-have cigar for beginners and experts, making us an icon in the industry.

Innovation Drives Us Forward

But we didn’t rest on our laurels. We set out to create cigars that deliver a more complex profile, with intense flavors and sophisticated blends new to us and the industry as a whole. We evolved, and through that evolution, have arrived at a new identity altogether: a company with the experience to guide our unending innovation.

Cigar Families

Crafted for the big moments, the little moments and everything in between. Explore our award-winning lineups.


Inspirado cigars double down on craft and complexity for award-winning blends perfect for time alone with you and your cigar.


Timeless cigars that made us an icon, hand-crafted to be enjoyed with those important to you.

M by Macanudo

There are flavored cigars and premium cigars — the M family masterfully balances both.

The Latest

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