M by Macanudo

A flavorful take on premium cigars. Where most choose either flavor or an artisanal touch, cigars in the M by Macanudo family don’t make you choose. Explore the result of our masterfully delicious balance hand-rolled for the unexpected moments in life.


Flavor meets sensory sophistication in this masterfully-infused flagship blend of the
M By Macanudo Family.

Espresso with Cream

Full-bodied, full-flavored. Sip on smokey excellence with this premium blend infused with the essence of espresso with cream.


A new twist on the Old Fashioned, M Bourbon takes all the best from the classic cocktail and infuses it into an approachable cigar.

Mint Cocoa

Indulge in a swirling combination of mint and chocolate tasting notes. M by Macanudo Mint Cocoa is a fresh take on an old classic.

Dark Rum

A rich and rewarding blend, M by Macanudo Dark Rum delivers a premium-smoking experience with a flavorful dash of spiced spirit.

French Vanilla

Silky and smooth. M by Macanudo French Vanilla is a deluxe treat for the adventurous smoker.