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We hold a high standard in hand-selecting each and every tobacco we use. But on occasion, the toil of man collides with the grace of mother nature for tobacco so exceptional it sets a new bar.

Vintage Tobacco: Unwrapped

All premium cigars are held to a high standard. For vintage tobacco, we raise the bar even higher.

From seed to smoke, we cultivate by hand, curate by hand and craft by hand each and every cigar. The tobacco is evaluated at each stage of the process, and anything below a very high standard is cast aside, never to be used.

So when we speak to the caliber of vintage tobacco, one must understand it is truly the result of the stars aligning. 

But what is vintage tobacco? It’s the ideal soil mixed with the perfect amount of rain and sun. It’s the humidity hitting just the right mark – not just for one day, but for months and months on end. It’s tedious tending combined with elite aging and the judgment of knowing when to move fast, and when to slow things down.
Even with over half a century of cigar crafting skill, this has only happened a handful of times. Because tobacco of this standard is not entirely in our hands, it must be touched by mother nature.

When over sixty years of expertise meet a divine growing season, we set those leaves aside to rest and mature. Vintage tobacco is the result. 

You know the years – 2010, 2013 and many more.

All three were growing seasons where everything happened just right. And on those instances, we treated each crop as a gift, aging it for over a decade to take the best and make it even better. 

Best enjoyed in life’s special moments, we save our vintage cigars to celebrate births, weddings and graduations.

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