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A Golden Harvest

We say it’s a cigar as good as gold, but it’s even rarer than that. From the 
supple and smooth Connecticut Shade tobacco leaf, we only use the best of the best to craft Macanudo Gold Label.

Gold Label: Unwrapped

To experience Macanudo Gold Label is to try a cigar as good as gold. And it’s no accident – that supremely smooth profile is the result of patience, passion and extremely high standards.

The magic lies in the “Capa Especial” Connecticut Shade wrapper. This golden leaf is taken only from the first and second primings of the tobacco plant. Those primings mean the leaves are closer to the ground and thus shielded from the harsh sun, reserving the tobacco's natural sugars and imparting a supple texture and a light, golden color. Due to the rarity of these impeccable leaves, we set them aside for an annual release of one of our most iconic cigars: Macanudo Gold Label.

To craft Gold Label, we take only the best of these hand-selected leaves and combine them with a Mexican San Andrean binder and a Mexican and Dominican filler blend. The result is a cigar renowned for its smooth profile and complex natural flavors. Only available for a short time each year, Macanudo Gold Label can typically be found in the early summer months. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a few, we recommend enjoying them with friends.


Making the cigar is only half the journey. Explore the moments and memories Macanudo fans have shared with Gold Label.

Behind The Band

Explore the blend that makes this a limited-edition cigar worth waiting for.