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South of the Equator

Macanudo Inspirado Brazilian Shade is back! This limited-edition cigar was born from two unique tobaccos we are excited to dive into. First, the wrapper: this cigar features a crowd favorite Connecticut Shade wrapper – with a twist. Instead of its traditional growing location, this wrapper is cultivated in the Bahia region of Brazil. Growing the leaf here affects the flavor and texture of the tobacco, making it taste especially bold and rich while imbuing the leaf with a silkier texture and a shinier coloring. Due to this special climate, much of the coarseness associated with Connecticut Shade has also been eliminated.

But how does the change in climate affect the wrapper so much?

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Brazilian Shade: Unwrapped

Macanudo Inspirado Brazilian Shade is grown in the Mata Fina region of Bahia. Mata Fina, meaning “Thin Vegetation”, is a strip of land nestled between a rainforest and a dry and sandy region. Characterized by thin and tall plant life, this area has been home to native tobacco plants for centuries. Tobacco grown here must be shaded constantly because it receives much more sun and heat than in other regions. Different crops are also rotated in the tobacco fields in this region, leading to a different batch of nutrients feeding the Connecticut Shade. 

The wrapper isn’t the only tobacco in this cigar grown in a unique locale. The three-country filler blend is highlighted by a special Dominican Cubita Mao. This Carmen Cubita seed is typically grown in Colombia, but ours is grown in small batches, as the name suggests, in the Mao region of the Dominican Republic.

These climates make a sizable difference in the taste and texture of the tobacco that goes into Macanudo Inspirado Brazilian Shade. The wrapper is noticeably sweeter, creamier, and pairs impeccably with the filler tobacco’s notes of nuts, cocoa, and spice. 


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