Inspirado Tercio-Aged


Finished with distinction, Inspirado Tercio-Aged is a limited edition release that utilizes a near-extinct aging process to create a complex and timeless flavor comparable to Old-World cigars.

Inspirado Tercio-Aged Box Image


Where many seek innovation and chase the outlandish, we look to our experience to guide us to the exceptional. For Inspirado Tercio-Aged, we applied an Old-World aging technique using large palm bark-wrapped bales, called tercios, to create a cigar that is both contemporary and classic. This time-honored process involves aging the tobacco in the bark of a Royal Palm, locking in the tobacco’s natural flavors. Building and wrapping the tercios requires a special skill possessed by only a few of our most experienced craftsmen and consumes a considerable amount of time. We think you’ll agree that it’s time well spent. 

Inspirado Tercio-Aged Stick Image

Blend Breakdown


Mexican San Andrés


Indonesian Bezuki


Piloto Cubano Seco, Piloto Cubano Ligero, Colombian Seco



Tasting Notes:

Earthy, Pepper, Nuts

Drink Pairings:

Aged Rum, Dark Brown Ale

  • Toro (6 x 54)
  • Churchill (7 x 49)
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