Inspirado Red


Inspired by the fiery volcanic soil from which it was grown, Inspirado Red delivers a full-bodied boldness in a refined and spicy cigar.

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To understand what makes Inspirado Red great, is to understand how much environment plays a key role in developing exceptional tobaccos. Born from rich volcanic soil and boasting spicy and full-bodied notes, the Ecuadorian Habano Ligero provides intense notes of dark fruit and black pepper. But the story doesn’t stop there. Bound with Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper are three incredible filler tobaccos, made even more flavorful by their extensive age. Aged twelve, ten and five years respectively, the Nicaraguan Ometepe, Honduran Jamastran, Nicaraguan Jamastran bunch provides a refined juxtaposition to the bold spices of the wrapper, resulting in a cigar lacking neither in intensity nor sophistication.

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Blend Breakdown


Ecuadorian Habano


Nicaraguan Jalapa


Honduran Jamastran, Nicaraguan Esteli, Nicaraguan Ometepe


Medium - Full

Tasting Notes:

Dark Fruit, Black Pepper, Leather

Drink Pairings:

Bourbon, Cabernet

  • Robusto (Box Pressed) (5 x 50)
  • Toro (6 x 50)
  • Gigante (6 x 60)
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