Inspirado Black


A standout in the Inspirado line, Inspirado Black delivers full-bodied boldness in an innovative and balanced cigar.

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When you’ve been crafting cigars as long as we have, you get pretty good at understanding and experimenting with new and exciting ways to age tobaccos. Inspirado Black is the product of one of the best of those innovations. But like our story as an Evolution of an Icon, the unique aging technique that makes Inspirado Black so exceptional is rooted in great history and heritage. It all lies in the Connecticut Broadleaf binder, which underwent special cultural practices native to the region in which it was grown. In doing so, the leaves on the tobacco stalk were left to ripen longer than ever before, resulting in the rich, medium smoke with notes of mocha and spice you experience today. Just like us, Inspirado Black is a modern interpretation of timeless knowledge and experience, and the proof is evident in each and every puff.

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Blend Breakdown


Connecticut Broadleaf


Ecuadorian Sumatra


Nicaraguan Esteli



Tasting Notes:

Mocha, Spice, Nuts

Drink Pairings:

Rye, Dark Brown Ale

  • Robusto (4.875 x 50)
  • Tubo (4.875 x 50)
  • Toro (5.5 x 54)
  • Churchill (7 x 48)
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