Macanudo Gold Label


Get ready for a cigar as good as gold. Macanudo Gold Label takes the best and makes it better through expert agronomy yielding an incredible natural sweetness.

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Macanudo Gold Label is our limited edition line of premium cigars featuring exceptional Connecticut Shade leaves from only the first and second primings. This distinction means the leaves are exposed to less sunlight and thus retain more natural flavors as well as a remarkable color and texture. This “Capa Especial” (special wrapper) is rolled in combination with Mexican San Andrés binder and Piloto Cubano and Mexican fillers all of which were also taken from only the first and second primings. The resulting cigar is not only unique, but also exceptionally sweet and smooth in a flavor profile unrivaled in the premium cigar industry.

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Blend Breakdown


Connecticut Golden Shade (1st and 2nd Primings)


Mexican San Andrean (1st and 2nd Primings)


Mexican, Dominican Piloto Cubano



Tasting Notes:

Sweetness, Creamy, Almonds

Drink Pairings:

Coffee, IPA

  • Ascots (4.1875 x 32)
  • Gold Pyramid (5 x 54)
  • Duke of York (5.25 x 54)
  • Hampton Court (Tubo) (5.5 x 42)
  • Crystal (Tube) (5.5 x 50)
  • Tudor (6 x 52)
  • Shakespeare (6.5 x 45)
  • Lord Nelson (7 x 49)
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